• Riding Squads, Afloat Repairs
  • Engine Repairs & Component Reconditioning
  • Fuel Pump, Injector & Governor Services
  • Insitu Machining and Laser Alignment
  • Pump & Auxiliary Equipment Repairs
  • Steel & Alumininum Fabrication and Construction
  • Deck Machinery, Hydraulic & HVAC Services
  • Transmission & Propulsion Systems
  • Turbocharger Repairs
  • Boiler Inspection, Survey & Condition Assessment
  • Industrial Plant Maintenance
  • Automation, Instrumentation & Calibration Services
  • Motor Rewinding & Vibration Analysis
  • Gas Free & Fire Free Certification
  • Accommodation Refurbishment
  • Cargo Tank Cleaning Demucking
  • Cargo Hold Cleaning & Painting
  • Servicing & Certification of LSA & FFE & CO2 Systems
  • Load Testing of Cargo Gear and LSA
  • Thickness Measurement(UTM) and NDT Tests
  • Servicing for Marine Electronics, Bridge Equipment and Radio Survey
  • Magnetic Compass Calibration
  • In water Survey(IWS) and any kind of underwater repairs by Class Approved Diving Companies

We have an extensive network of experienced solution partners with whom we regularly work with for many years. Below the waterline we are in cooperation with solution partners worldwide who can perform any kind of underwater repairs as well.

Special gratitude to Tuzla Shipyards. We have always available highly qualified and certified workmanship and reliable experienced workshops available in our area and our clients enjoy same with the benefits.

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